Edwards Ultracold Atom Research Group Home


Welcome to the homepage of the Mark Edwards' Ultracold Atom Research Group at Georgia Southern University.  Our National Science Foundation supported research is devoted to the theoretical study of the behavior of ultracold atomic quantum gases.

Our current research activities divide into three focus areas:

  • Atomtronics - We study "atomtronic" systems.  These are systems where ultracold atoms are analogous to electrons in ordinary electronic circuits.  Of specific current interest are Bose-Einstein condensates confined in simply and multiply connected quasi-2D potentials.
  • Ultracold-Atom Interferometer Design - We are using ideas inspired by research in quantum information science (QIS) to design more sensitive, robust, and stable atom interferometers.  QIS research contains a wealth of ideas for the avoidance, minimization, and correction of decoherence in quantum computers that can be applied to atom-interferometer design.
  • Cold-Atom Laboratory - We are developing proposals for experiments to be performed on the ultracold-atom gases contained in the microgravity "Cold-Atom Laboratory" (CAL) experiment being built by NASA.  The CAL is scheduled to be deployed to the International Space Station in 2016.
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